2101 W. Alabama

 SOLD...as of December 31, 2006
With over 30,000 square feet, this concrete block structure was built in 1992 (expanded in 1998) and designed as a 100-bed juvenile detention center.

Strategically located on the north end of the Sweetwater Industrial Park, the facility is easily accessed from Interstate 20.

The 7.047 acre tract is Zoned K, Industrial.


The west side of the facility includes a secured basketball court and obstacle course.

The facility is 100% heated and cooled by ground mounted HVAC units and gas furnaces.


This view of the acoustical grid ceiling in the lobby shows camera, motion detector, magnetized security lock (at top of metal door), and sprinkler fire protection. These security and detection devices are typical throughout the building.

The suspended ceiling is found in the lobby, offices, visitation room, and central corridor.


Located just beyond the lobby is the administration wing including 6 separate offices and the oversized administration area (photo at left).

Vinyl tile floors and carpeting are typical for these areas.

Much of the surveillance equipment is in a separate room just off the central corridor.
This is a view of the central corridor with the color coded paths to different dorms, gym, cafeteria, etc.
Here is a view of a typical dorm arranged off the central corridor. The dorms generally have 6 cells, a central collection area, 2 private baths, 2 private showers, recessed lighting, skylights, and a secure monitoring room.
This is another dorm with a smaller collection area. These cells have individual lavatories and commodes, skylights and recessed lighting. The little doors provide openings to the plumbing of each cell. (See photo below.)
The plumbing detail shows adequate turn-off valves and copper lines.

The gymnasium shows the construction: steel frame truss girders and bar joists on a concrete slab foundation. The estimated clear height is 14' ceiling.

The roof structure is insulated metal panels.

This is a typical janitor's closet (of which there are many throughout the building). Note the stainless steel dispenser for cleaning products attached to faucet.
The laundry room consists of 4 washers and 2 large, gas commercial dryers.
The kitchen is equipped with stainless steel mixer, slicer, tables, ovens, coolers and much more!
Another view of kitchen with sprinkled vent-a-hood, gas fired cooktop, fryer, warmers, and more!
The stainless steel cafeteria line sets between the kitchen and the gymnasium.
The 32-bed expansion, completed in 1998, has this bunk-bed dorm room configuration. There are 2, 16-bed dorms in this expansion, complete with monitor rooms, semi-private baths, skylights and recessed lighting.


This remarkable property is also equipped with 4 large classrooms and a library. There is asphalt paved parking for 22 cars including handicap.