301 W. Arkansas

March 2008
This highly improved, old and proud elementary school has been remodeled into a myriad of offices and classrooms to suit a variety of uses!
With over 50,000 square feet, this facility will give your business all the space it needs and more!
 The southside of the complex shows off the newer wings, the physical education wing on the left, and the Head Start wing on the right.
 The Head Start wing is a state-of-the-art day care facility comprising over 8,500 square feet of Class A space!
The physical education wing was added to the existing gym about 10 years ago. It consists of about 4,400 sqft.
This view of the west side of the property shows much of the original school, built in 1927.
 Since the 1970's, facility has enjoyed a series of renovations and improvements designed to meet the needs of various community service organizations.
The old interiors of the original have been redesigned for many uses, such as adult day care.
The original brick walls are visible in this photo of a classroom near the gym. Note the suspended ceilings to assist in lighting, ductwork and insulation. 
The best of the old has been salvaged for future generations to enjoy.
Pressed tin ceilings and extensive woodwork can be seen in the original hallways!
The hallway of the Head Start wing shows the highest quality of design and materials!
The original gym is still part of the floor plan, with its 18' ceilings and approx. 5,500 sqft.
This photo shows the main hallway of the 10 year old, Wellness Center building. This addition contains over 4,400 sqft, and is adjacent to the gym.
Here's an example of a typcial classroom in the older part of the building. Note the computer wiring and suspended ceiling.
 Lots of glass block and other windows keep the natural sunlight coming in!
The main entrance off W. Arkansas Street shows more pressed tin ceilings, glass block, and wood window trim!
This corridor is part of a medical wing with several patient rooms, registration and waiting area.
Another hallway view of intermediate-aged wing of the property, with classrooms on both sides.
The newest wing has this medical office and restroom.
Here is a view of a typical daycare room that is part of the new Head Start wing.
March 2008